Commercial Roof Coatings in Stowe, PA

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As Commercial Roofing Contractors, We Specialize in Restoration Work.

The next time you need commercial roofing contractors, trust the nearby masters at Jantzi's Roof Restorations. Our effort as commercial roofers takes place at the utmost of possible standards, for every roof need. We specialize in roof restoration, a project we supply as an affordable alternate for roof replacement. Our team simply does not suggest unnecessary work, and we reliably do our utmost to save present roofing.

Any requirement with commercial roofing can be addressed with our skillful service, however. If a roofing system actually needs replacement, we are your premier selection for cost-efficient, timely work. If you need repairs or an install, we also represent the premier company for these services. Our abilities cover a selection of popular roof materials, so our team will almost certainly provide for any needed job. You may call Jantzi's Roof Restorations at 724-734-3056 right away, if you require support from commercial roofing contractors in Stowe, PA.

Commercial Roof Restoration

Commercial Roofing Contractors at Work on a Metal Roof.

Our Team Works Hard to Provide Unbeatable Results.

A restoration can prolong the service of a current roof for another decade or more of work. No roof will persist indefinitely. Roofs that have gone through their full lifespan will need either restoration or total re-roofing. With a restoration, we use top-notch roofing coatings to repair damage, close leakage, and provide a roof new characteristics like heightened reflectivity. A restoration can conserve a lot of money versus re-roofing, and does not require the disposal of your current roofing system.

Single Ply EPDM, TPO, & PVC Roofing

Across the last few decades, single ply roofs have become a common and reliable option for a commercial roof. The rationale for this choice is that single ply materials are budget-friendly, fast to install, and supply facilities with a number of beneficial traits. At Jantzi's Roof Restorations, we provide work for EPDM, TPO, and PVC membranes. For installation, repair, or replacement, we’re your choice among local commercial roofing contractors. To discover additional information, contact us right away at 724-734-3056.

Commercial Roofer

Commercial Roof Repair & Other Services

To care for a commercial roofing system, you should remain cognizant of service needs. For repair, installs, or any other roof work, we provide thorough, expert work that realizes the full potential of your chosen material. We have expertise with an assortment of products that covers single ply materials, modified bitumen, and commercial metal. For customers who require roof inspections, guidance, or flat roof leak detection, we also work as consultants.

  • Single Ply Roofing Trust our masterful technicians for any service you necessitate with single ply membranes.
  • Commercial Foam Roofing If you need a seamless roof with premier water resistance, pick commercial foam.
  • Commercial Metal Roofing Selected types of metal roofs, such as standing seam, supply exceptional protection from leaks.
  • Commercial Roof Consultant As consultants, we supply roofing guidance, along with inspections and flat roofing surveys.
  • Industrial Roof Contractor When you necessitate service on a hospital, apartment, church, or additional building with an industrial roofing system, give us a call.

Roof Coatings

Silicone & Acrylic Roof Coatings

We have grown into top-tier performers of roofing restoration, due to our knowledge of roof coatings. The kind of roofing coat you select depends a lot on your roof material. Singular benefits aside, any roofing coatings can fix minor wear, cloe leakage, and lengthen the service of your roofing. An acrylic coat will supply excellent reflectivity and avert the settling of debris, while silicone coatings create no destructive byproducts and supply fantastic leak resistance. As for restoration, our roof coats can solve the requirements of any metal, flat, or rubber roof.

Green & Cool Roof Installation

The installation of a cool or green roof will come with many advantages for your commercial building. Green roofing must provide benefits to the surrounding environment, or reduce waste with a longer lifespan and durability. A green roof also refers to a roofing systems that provides for the presence of plants. Green roofs generate a number of perks to the regional environment, like lower temperatures and a reduction of pollutant emissions. Cool roofing systems are highly reflective, and generate advantages in terms of improved energy efficiency. For the top commercial roofing contractors in Stowe, PA, contact Jantzi's Roof Restorations right away at 724-734-3056. One of our helpful team members will happily answer any inquiries.