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When it comes to choosing roofing materials, people prefer to look for new trends in the market. However, the commercial building owners prefer traditional commercial metal roofing that, despite being old-fashioned, competes with the ever-emerging industry standards. Commercial Metal Roofing and Commercial Roof repairs in Pittsburgh has been in trend for many years, but its popularity in recent years cannot be neglected.

Metal roofs are the most reliable commercial roofing choice in Pittsburgh, largely because they are fireproof, lightweight, and durable. Moreover, various color options and their various styles help you customize the metal roof of your commercial building. We help you get a protective and beautiful commercial metal roof in Pittsburgh.

Looking for the best metal roofing contractors in Pittsburgh? Our commercial roofing contractors can help you with your desired variety of metal roofing and install it with care. From installation to maintenance, our team has you covered. A metal roof lasts longer and is likely to get damaged; however, we ensure you our service through every step of your way if any issue arises.

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Types of metal roofing

There are various metal roofing options that you can choose for your commercial buildings. However, which type is best for you depends on the kind of building and your design preferences. Following are some common types of commercial metal roofing options.

  • Commercial Aluminum Roofing

Aluminum does not rust easily, is eco-friendly, affordable, and lasts long. It keeps the temperature of the building comfortable due to its reflective properties. Moreover, its smooth surface improves the water runoff. Because of its lightweight and strength, Commercial aluminum roofing is a great option to go for as it does not add to the weight of your building.

  • Commercial Corrugated Roof

The galvanized steel rolled into a wavy pattern forms the corrugated metal, which is sturdy enough to be considered an ideal roofing option for commercial buildings. The unique style of a commercial corrugated roof allows smooth water to flow across the roof. It is a lightweight and durable option for commercial roofing in Pittsburgh

  • Commercial Steel Roofing

Want to go for some roofing option that requires minimum maintenance? Steel roofing would be on the top of the options for being the most durable metal roof that can withstand severe storms and hail for years without requiring repairs. Moreover, its reflective surface keeps the internal temperature of the building comfortable and enhances its energy efficiency.

  • Standing Seam Roofing

Standing seam metal roofing is a popular metal roofing in Pittsburgh that, if maintained, lasts for years. The metal seam panels fit above the roof surface and create a watertight seal, as the name implies. It protects the building against intense weather and is durable and incredibly reliable.

Why should you go for commercial metal roofing?

Commercial Metal roofing is a sort of investment in your building because, along with the added protection, it enhances the values of your property. Your roof will be better protected against severe weather conditions and water damage due to poor quality or unstable roofing material. It is the best choice you can go for when it comes to commercial roofing.


Though it is not as inexpensive as a single-ply membrane roof, it provides better protection and durability. It is an ideal long-term investment, as it demands very little maintenance. Jantzi's are not limited to Metal roofing only - We are also providing lot of other roofing services including Commercial Roof replacement as well. 

Let our team guide you.

We at Jantzi are proud to provide the best contractors with plenty of commercial metal roofing services that include commercial metal roofing installation and metal roofing replacement.


You can schedule your appointment for commercial metal roofing installation or replacement at 724-734-3056 and can ask our roofing experts for a quote. We provide affordable and durable commercial metal roofing in Pittsburgh, PA, and its surrounding cities.

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