Foam Roofing Service

Is your commercial structure in need of a new and more effective roof system? For a solution that has a simple installation, along with a seamless composition, ask about our polyurethane foam roofing! To create foam roofing, polyol is mixed with isocyanate, which forms a liquid that is sprayed across your roof and sealed with a resilient topcoat. Since this roof solution is seamless, it offers superior leak protection, while the topcoat provides excellent UV resistance. When you require a professional for the installation of foam roofing in Pittsburgh, PA, call 724-734-3056 for Jantzi's Roof Restorations.

Is Foam Roofing a Good Option?

While it is out of the ordinary to find heat-welded seams in modern roofing, it is still normal for commercial roof systems to have layers of material joined with bonded seams. While roofing seams can weaken over time and allow water to penetrate, seamless foam roofing does not have this problem. The flexible composition of foam also simplifies the roofing process, as it adheres to almost any surface and is easy to maneuver around rooftop vents and A/C units. A foam roofing installation can additionally last for over 20 years when installed correctly, and requires almost no maintenance. Among the various types of foam, we offer service with SPF spray foam for roofing.

SPF – Spray Foam Roofing

Do you need a roof system that is seamless, free of leaks, resilient, and airtight? In that case, you will benefit from the installation of SPF spray foam roofing. This lightweight spray applies quickly to protect and repair a roof. A single coating of this remarkable material is all you need, and you can easily repair troublesome or worn-out areas with additional coatings in the future.

If you are interested in discovering more about SPF spray foam roofing in Pittsburgh, PA, call 724-734-3056 to talk to one of our expert roof contractors. Our team has years of experience with SPF roofing, and can assist you through every step of the installation service.

Benefits of SPF Roofing

Among the many things clients love about SPF spray foam roofing, energy efficiency typically ranks as one of the most important. Due to the pale-colored and reflective nature of SPF roofing, the sun’s rays are reflected from the roof, and the structure remains cooler in the hot months. Your HVAC system will even last longer, since it will no longer have to work so hard to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.

This material is incredibly durable, too, and will defend your structure from leaks for many years. For industrial style roof systems with plenty of vents and HVAC components, it can be difficult for classic roof materials to adequately seal seams. These issues are avoided with a spray foam roof, however, simply because the material fills and seals every crack and crevice.

Foam Roofing Installation Service

Does high-quality SPF roofing sound like the perfect solution for your structure? Speak to any of our roofing experts at 724-734-3056 today to discuss your options or request an estimate. The experts at Jantzi's Roof Restorations are glad to help you with all of your commercial roof needs, including SPF spray foam roofing in Pittsburgh, PA.