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Our Industrial Roofing Contractors Can Service the Needs of Any Size Structure.

Are you searching for industrial roofing contractors to assist you with a newer construction project, or to provide upgrades to your current industrial roof system? Though similar to commercial roof systems, industrial roofing is much more complicated. At Jantzi's Roof Restorations, we are the premier industrial roofing contractors in Pittsburgh, PA. We can provide service across any variety of job, from installation to repairs, along with the maintenance you need to realize your system’s full lifespan. Call 724-734-3056 now to talk to one of our experts, submit any questions, and schedule a time for service.

Affordable Industrial Roof Repair

So how is industrial roofing different from the average commercial roof system? Many different factors affect the longevity of an industrial roof, from  temperature fluctuations, to airborne chemicals. Additional wear and tear can arrive in the form of dirt and debris that slowly scrape away at the roof’s surface. Expert industrial roofing contractors can tell you  exactly what challenges your industrial roof is vulnerable to, and help you determine an ideal solution.

For example, manufacturing facilities tend to have many vents and exhaust fans on the roof, which creates abundant opportunities for leaks. Medical facilities, on the other hand, tend to house many HVAC units on the roof, which can increase the wear and tear on roofing materials. Everything on the roof will need to have perfectly sealed edges and seams, and the roofing material needs to be flexible to adapt to temperature changes. A qualified industrial roofing contractor can help you determine exactly which roofing solution is best for your situation.

Types of Industrial Roofs We Service

At Jantzi's Roof Restorations, we strive to serve as wide a variety of structures as possible. In support of this, we gladly offer a full range of roofing services to facilities as diverse as farms, churches, and office buildings. In you own one of the facilities described below, don’t hesitate to call us to discuss your roofing service options.

Office Buildings

Office Buildings

Are you the owner or caretaker of an office building? Large commercial properties need significant amounts of roof maintenance. The experts at Jantzi's Roof Restorations have years of expertise providing top quality office roofing services, and can assist you with any roofing work you may need. If you need expert office building roof repair from industrial roofing contractors in Pittsburgh, PA, dial 724-734-3056 to speak with an expert and schedule service.

Office & Business Building Roof Services

Flat roofs, as the preferred roofing option for office buildings, are reliable, but nonetheless vulnerable to certain damages. Since maintenance and repairs on flat roofing require specialized training and experience,  you should only have service performed by seasoned contractors. Our expert roofers are skilled at working around a schedule, and will not disrupt your business day. While on the roof, we’ll furthermore stay alert for other issues that can create cause for concern. Another service we provide is roof restoration, which is much less expensive than total replacement. This remarkable service preserves your current roof, and allows it to provide an additional 10 years or more of quality service.

Healthcare Facilities

Hospital and Healthcare Facilities

Closeup of AC Units on a Roof.

The Presence of Rooftop AC Units Creates Special Demands on Roofing.

Does your hospital or healthcare facility need expert, budget-friendly services from industrial roofing contractors in Pittsburgh, PA? If so, call us today at 724-734-3056 to speak with a roofing expert. At Jantzi's Roof Restorations, we have plenty of experience with hospital roofs, and understand how to handle the unique challenges that these roofing systems present. Having safe and secure roofing for healthcare buildings is vital, and as local roofers, we strive to offer that security to our region. A minor leak on a hospital roof can quickly become a major problem, and allow the proliferation of mold and mildew throughout the facility. It is essential to get hospital roof repair at the first sign of damage, both to keep the problem from getting worse, and to protect the health of your patients.

Hospital Roof Repairs

Hospital roofs can’t be treated like other roofs, and are most similar to industrial roofing systems. Damages and leaks are common in roofing for healthcare facilities, simply due to the number of vents, fans, and other rooftop protrusions. If you order hospital roofing services from Jantzi's Roof Restorations, you can depend on us to pay attention to the little things and get the job done right. Keeping damages to a minimum is our top objective with hospital roofing maintenance. The best way to accomplish this goal is through the scheduling of regular inspections and service.

Agricultural Buildings

Agricultural Buildings

Roofing is a prime element for the protection of properties of every kind, including farms and ranches. Metal roofs, in particular, will supply a dependable level of security for buildings such as silos and barns. To lean more about our services and the various types of agricultural roofing we offer, simply give us a call at 724-734-3056. At Jantzi's Roof Restorations, we’re your premier local industrial roofing contractors in Pittsburgh, PA.

The Benefits of Metal Barn Roofing

Large Agricultural Shed Roofed with Metal.

Sturdy Roofing Protects a Farm’s Equipment, Produce, and Livestock.

Metal roofing remains the most prominent choice for the protection of agricultural structures. This type of roofing material resists storm damage with ease, and varieties such as heavy-gauge corrugated metal offer the strength and economy you need for large barns or equipment sheds. These roofing systems are safe from most damages, but not completely impervious, so always remember to schedule repairs quickly at the first sign of damage. When you look for damage, keep in mind that rust and corrosion can also create leaks. If you notice any issues whatsoever, make sure to contact our team for fast service.

Apartments & Hotels

Apartments and Hotels

Taking care of a hotel or apartment facility requires that you address a wide range of challenges and needs. The roof system, which typically requires the most maintenance of any building element, is occasionally forgotten among the list of other tasks. Jantzi's Roof Restorations is the contractor you can count on for any number of services. If you want affordable hotel and apartment roofing from trusted industrial roofing contractors in Pittsburgh, PA, count on the experts at Jantzi's Roof Restorations. To ask questions about our hotel and apartment complex roof services, call our specialists now at 724-734-3056!

Apartment and Hotel Roof Repair

When servicing a roof for large buildings meant to house many people, there exist unique necessities and challenges that demand attention. Wear and tear is typical on these roofs, simply because they tend to have many appliances, like HVAC units, stored up top. We offer a wide range of services for these kinds of properties, besides our standard repairs and installations. Yearly inspections fill a major role in keeping your hotel or apartment roof in good shape. We will gladly supply your property with annual check-ups, and can also handle your all-around maintenance needs.

Your Industrial Roofing Contractors

There are plenty of different industrial roofing contractors to pick from. However, keep in mind that experience plays a major role in the success of any roofing project. The experts at Jantzi's Roof Restorations can work with a variety of industrial roofing materials, on just about any industrial roofing project. From  start to finish, quality represents our main objective. Before we consider any job complete, we make sure that it has completely exceeded expectations. For experienced and reliable industrial roofing contractors in Pittsburgh, PA, call 724-734-3056 today to set up an appointment.