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Commercial roof Maintenance - What you need to know?

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

What you need to know about commercial roof maintenance

Replacing a commercial roof can generate significant costs. At Jantzi Roof Restoration flat roof specialists in Pittsburgh, we offer some maintenance tips that will save you money - and a lot of hassle!

When should you request your roof inspection?

The flat roofs of commercial businesses are under great pressure, particularly with the climate of Quebec. It is therefore recommended to carry out a professional inspection on a periodic basis in order to prevent water infiltration or the collapse of the roof.

Carrying out small repairs or adding a roof ventilation device is indeed much less expensive than replacing the entire surface.

Thus, the maintenance of a flat roof should be preferred in the following situations:

In the fall, to prepare the roof for winter and remove debris as needed;

In the period of spring, because snow & freeze-thaw can be damaging the structure;

After a period of strong winds or bad weather;

When you notice changes in temperature or an unusual presence of humidity in the building, or when your heating costs are suddenly higher than usual.

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How is the inspection of your commercial flat roof carried out?

First, we make sure that no part of the liner is torn or folded over. We also look for the presence of cracks or other potential entrances for water infiltration. In addition, we observe if there is any deformation of the surface, which may indicate possible subsidence of the structure and require some minor modifications.

After obtaining your approval, we carry out the necessary repairs, whether by adding gravel or repairing a section of the roof, for example.

Commercial roof maintenance Plan

To prolong the life of your flat roof, follow these recommendations:

Remove, especially in the fall, any debris that could damage the structure;

Check if the storm drains are clear and clean the gutters so that the water moves away from the surface as quickly as possible;

Prioritize regular snow removal and de-icing of your flat roof, especially after heavy snowfalls. At Jantzi Roof Restoration we have the expertise and the manpower to perform this task safely and without damaging your building.

For the maintenance or repair of your commercial roof in Pittsburgh, Pa, or elsewhere in Pennsylvania, trust our team at Jantzi Roof Restoration— contact us!

Commercial roof maintenance is essential if you want to extend the lifespan of your roof.

Here are 9 tips to help you keep your roof in top condition:

  1. Inspect your roof regularly for signs of damage or wear and tear.

  2. Keep gutters and drains clear of debris to ensure water can flow freely away from the roof.

  3. Trim back any trees or shrubs that are growing too close to the building, as they could damage the roof if they fall.

  4. Remove any moss or algae that is growing on the roof, as this can hold moisture and lead to premature deterioration of the material.

  5. Check the condition of flashing around chimneys, vents, and skylights, and repair or replace as needed.

  6. Inspect caulking and sealants for cracks or gaps, and reapply as needed.

  7. Ensure rooftop equipment is properly anchored to avoid damage during high winds.

  8. Store waste materials away from the building to prevent them from blowing onto the roof and causing damage.

  9. Do not power wash the roof, as this can damage the surface material. Instead, brush off any dirt or debris with a soft broom

Commercial roof Maintenance Plan

A commercial roof is a vital investment for any business owner. Not only does it protect your premises and inventory from the elements, but it also adds value to your property. However, commercial roofs can be susceptible to damage from weather, UV exposure, and falling debris.

That's why it's important to work with a commercial roofing expert who can provide a comprehensive maintenance plan. In Pittsburgh, PA, that roofing expert is Jantzi Roof Restoration Roofing Company. We have over 15 years of experience in commercial roofing and offer a wide range of services, including commercial roof repairs in Pittsburgh, replacements, and installations.

We also offer a commercial roof maintenance plan that includes regular inspections and preventative repairs. This plan is designed to keep your roof in top condition and prolong its lifespan. So if you're looking for commercial roofing experts in Pittsburgh, PA, don't hesitate to contact Jantzi Roof Restoration Roofing Company today.

If you are in need of commercial roofing contractors in Pittsburgh, PA, then look no further than Jantzi Roof Restoration. We have been providing quality service to the community for over 20 years! Call us today at 724-734-3056

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Regan Leon
Regan Leon
Jun 13, 2022

Roof Repair Fort Lauderdale specialists are efficiently trained and are aware of the safety considerations in roof repairs and roof replacements. Homeowners should just stick to roof inspections and some maintenance systems.

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