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How to properly protect the roof of your house

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Buildings and all the elements of their structure also require regular maintenance, with roof maintenance being an essential part of it. When we think of buildings, we don't always realize the importance of roof maintenance. But, the same does not happen with the interior of our homes or with our vehicles.

Our roof is constantly exposed to external factors: precipitation, wind, high and low temperatures... and this can seriously damage it. For this reason, at Jantzi Roof Restorations we want to give you some tips to help you maintain it correctly.

How to achieve a well-protected and cared for roof?

At Jantzi Roof Restorations we recommend the following care for your roof:

Waterproof it:

With this action you will be taking care of and preventing many problems such as leaks, leaks, the appearance of fungi, and unnecessary energy expenditure due to the constant entry of cold...

You can use various types of waterproofing, such as asphalt or acrylic. At Jantzi Roof Restorations we recommend that you always turn to a professional to recommend the best option for your roof needs.

Install a quality drainage system:

This will help you avoid accumulations of water on your roof that can cause damage and deterioration in it. Normally PVC gutters or other similar materials are used to perform this function.

Carry out a general cleaning on a regular basis:

The roofs are usually an area where many leaves, moss, branches… accumulate, weakening the state of the tiles and the roof. Therefore, it is good that it is cleaned on a regular basis, making sure to leave it in good condition.

At Jantzi Roof Restorations we offer you a roof cleaning service with which you can forget about having to go upstairs to do it yourself.

Check the shingles:

When cleaning the roof it is very convenient to check the condition of the tiles, since it is very common for them to be damaged over time and repairing them is key. Failure to do so can lead to infiltrations, accumulations of water, damage to the insulation...

For this reason, at Jantzi Roof Restorations services in Pittsburgh we have a roof rehabilitation service with which you can fix it quickly and efficiently, avoiding the appearance of all these problems.

Keeping your roof in good condition is not difficult if you know how. At Jantzi Roof Restorations we bring you a team of professionals who will help you detect any possible problem by carrying out all the necessary measures.

The repair of roofs and decks is one of the most carried out works in the property maintenance sector, since these constitute an area of ​​special risk due to their location. Roofs are a point of vital importance in any structure and require specific care.

The passage of time inevitably affects the structures on the roofs of Pittsburgh that are exposed to the elements, which together with the damage caused by inclement weather, makes it necessary to repair roofs such as roof cleaning or maintenance.

Take advantage of the experience of the greats to repair your roof

At Jantzi Roof Restorations which are the best roofers in Pittsburgh we have years of experience behind us in roof repair work in Pittsburgh, whether in community buildings, private homes, offices or commercial premises. In addition, our staff is made up of the best professionals in the sector, all duly qualified and in constant training and learning for the repair of roofs and decks.

These are the pillars that make Jantzi Roof Restorations a trustworthy company, fully qualified to deal with the most frequent problems in roof repairs in Pittsburgh: water leaks due to defects in the waterproofing, and the clogging or deterioration of gutters and constituent elements. Due to the effect of inclement weather.

These damages can cause a great problem in the buildings, such as humidity, leaks, condensation effects or cracks.

Fortunately, innovations in the field of roof and roof repair have made it possible to develop the ideal materials to combat these problems. At Jantzi Roof Restorations we work above all with roof waterproofing and liquid rubber, two durable and top-quality options that allow roofs to be reinforced and the interior of the home to be protected.


Preventive reviews and continuous maintenance adapted to each type of surface are two essential strengths in any roof repair service in Pittsburgh. We offer supervision visits, personalized advice and maintenance work by our roof specialists adapted to each type of infrastructure in order to detect any damage or breakdown, ensuring the comfort and tranquility of our clients.

Trust us to keep your roofs in perfect condition and discover all the advantages of a good set-up, since you will gain not only in the quality and good condition of the constituent elements of the property, but you will also appreciate a considerable increase in energy efficiency. , greater comfort and improvements at an aesthetic level.

Jantzi Roof Restorations brings you a first class roof replacement services in Pittsburgh with the best value for money on the market. Know whenever you want the personalized roof repair price without any commitment and our expert advisors will get down to work. Discover all the advantages of working with roof repair professionals in Pittsburgh.

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