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Rubber Roofing Pittsburgh

EPDM – Waterproofing System for Roofs


EPDM is a rubber (ethylene-propylene-diene terpolymer) special for covering roofs. It has excellent properties against humidity and atmospheric agents. 


EPDM is a durable and cost-effective material for commercial roofing. It has an economic profile, while also being able to withstand heavy loads and weather conditions.

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Rubber Roof contractors Pittsburgh

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) roofs are extremely durable and cost-effective, making them a popular choice for both homeowners and businesses. Jantzi roof Restoration is among the top purchasers and installers of EPDM roofs in Pittsburgh PA, with experience handling even large roof sizes. Whether you need repairs to your EPDM roof or want an experienced company to put one on your property, Jantzi Roof Restoration can handle it – no matter what size!

EPDM Characteristics

  • Resistant to UVA rays and ozone.

  • Resistant to temperatures from -40º to +120º.

  • Completely weather resistant.

  • It has great elasticity/resistance (very moldable material).

  • Easy and safe to apply.

Benefits of installing EPDM on the roof of the wooden shed?

  • Reduces potential condensation problems that can deteriorate performance. 

  • A long service life can last up to 20 years.

  • EPDM is the most dimensionally stable heat-resistant membrane and remains flexible even in extremely cold conditions. 

Benefits of installing EPDM in cold climates:

  • Reduction of heating costs.

  • Reduced carbon footprint thanks to reduced heating costs. 

  • Reduction of risks due to accumulation of snow and ice. 

  • Reduction of dangerous conditions due to freezing, dew, or ice difficult to detect in white membranes. 

EPDM Roof Repair in Pittsburgh

Our EPDM rubber roofing is popular in Pittsburgh due to its low cost, easy installation and cleanup, and the fact that business owners do not have to spend hours researching the best roofing options for their buildings.


Relax, Jantzi Roof Restoration takes care of all of the research work for you – we are confident in our expertise when it comes to selecting the right type of roofing for your property. We will guide you through making smart decisions regarding this important investment.

How does Jantzi Roof Restoration install EPDM?

From Jantzi Roof Restoration we offer EPDM in already cut pieces and the necessary number to install it correctly in the wooden shed that you have purchased (you can see it in the Accessories inside the shed).

Its installation is simple and, in our case, together with the EPDM kit for your wooden shed, an installation manual and glue or contact adhesive for installation are included. However, here is a brief summary of how to install the EPDM:

  • The first thing is to place the EPDM pieces on the roof deck of the wooden house and thus correctly check the space to be waterproofed, always leaving excess at the ends of the roof to be able to install the EPDM over the entire surface and avoid any filtration type.

  • Regarding the union of each piece: we will place a minimum overlap between pieces of about 10/15 cm, in order to avoid leaks and achieve a correct waterproofing of the roof.

  • Once all the pieces are ready, we will remove one of its sides from one of the exterior pieces to be able to apply the right amount of glue both on the face of the EPDM to be glued and on the surface where it is going to be installed, on the roof of the wooden hut.

  • Once the contact glue or adhesive has been applied to both surfaces, we proceed to glue the EPDM to the roof of the wooden shed.

  • It is best to carry out this step little by little helping us with some type of roller, brush, or another utensil so that the EPDM pieces are well spread on the roof surface, avoiding any type of wrinkles and ensuring that all corners and surfaces are well protected.

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