Why Commercial Buildings Love Flat Roofs

If you have ever looked at the roof of a public building, you have probably noticed that their roofs are flat. This is because the taller that buildings get, the more dangerous it becomes to have sloped roofs that residential homes have. Commercial buildings are often double the size of what a large residential home would be, too, so the width of the space couldn’t support an angled roof as easy as it could a flat roof all across. So while flat roofs are better for safety, they don’t do great on leak protection. If you need flat roof repair in Pittsburgh, PA call Jantzi's Roof Restorations at 724-734-3056. We are the commercial flat roofs experts in Pittsburgh, PA.

Pros and Cons of Flat Roofs

flat commercial roof with skylight and vents

Our Roofers Can Install Or Repair Your Flat Roofs!

Walkable Yet Fragile Rooftop: Depending on what type of commercial flat roof you have, there might be tons of rooftop storage space to use and walk on, or it may be too fragile. If there is not a whole lot of rooftop storage but you are tight on space, opt for necessities that hardly take up any room like tankless water heaters.
Affordable But Leak Prone: Flat commercial roofs are made of cost effective materials which lowers installation prices dramatically. But the materials are cost effective because they are not extremely strong, so repairs and replacements happen much more frequently than residential roofs. The most common repair for flat roofs are patching leaks, because water has nowhere to drain to on a flat roof, so it pools and seeps through the roof.
Wide Variety of Materials But Shorter Lifespans: There are so many flat roof options, from single ply membranes, modified bitumen, built up, cool, green, metal, and more! Flat roofs like built up and single ply have one layer of roofing, so damages make their lifespans around 20 years. Restorative roof coatings can extend them by more than 10 years.