Why Use EPDM Roofing

If you have been looking to install a single ply roofing system to your commercial property, you can’t go wrong with EPDM roofing. What EPDM stands for? EPDM stands for ethylene propylene diene monomer. What is EPDM roofing made of? This type of roof membrane is made of ethylene and propylene, making is a synthetic rubber. Because of the materials that are used to make EPDM roofs, they are incredibly durable. So, Are EPDM roofs any good? The answer is yes and for many reasons.

  • Energy-Efficient: One of the most popular reasons for choosing an EPDM roof is that they are very energy-efficient. When you choose EPDM roofing, you can save up to 25% on energy savings.
  • Resistant: Because your roofing is outside all day every day, it can become damaged to inclement weather, outside elements, UV rays, and temperature. Fortunately, the materials that makeup EPDM make it very resistant to UV damage, temperature damage, outside elements, and severe weather.
  • Eco-Friendly: Because of the way EPDM roofs are applied, as well as the materials that are used to create it, it is one of the more environmentally friendly commercial roofing options to choose from.
  • Low Maintenance: EPDM roofing is made from rubber which makes it a more flexible roof to take care of. It should be inspected annually, but it does not need as much maintenance as most commercial roofs do.
  • Long-Lasting: When an EPDM roof is taken care of the best way possible, it is able to last up to 50 years. This is because its rubber membrane is very flexible and durable.

EPDM Roofing Vs TPO

A Picture of a Black, Rubber Roofing System

Knowing If TPO or EPDM Roofing is Better is Going Depend On Their Characteristics.

When deciding on a single ply roofing system, the two types that are always compared with one another are EPDM and TPO roofing. Many people want to know if TPO better than EPDM. It’s important to note that both the roofing membranes are different–EPDM is thermoset and TPO is thermoplastic. Choosing whether EPDM or TPO is better for your roof is going to depend on what you are looking for in a roof. Both have their different advantages and disadvantages. Looking at different factors and how they differ can give you a better idea of what single ply roof is the best for your commercial building.


The cost of TPO is going to be more expensive than EPDM. EPDM roofing only costs between $1.80 to $3.50 in materials, whereas TPO costs $1.90 to $3.50. You also have to take into account the cost of installation, with EPDM also being cheaper than TPO.


The cost of EPDM is less than TPO and the time it takes to install an EPDM roof is also quicker than installing a TPO roof. That is because TPO roofing uses chemicals to put on the roof, as well as a hot air gun to fuse the roofing seams and EPDM roofing is mechanically installed and only requires seam tape.


When a roofing system reflects UV rays, it means that it makes the building colder. TPO roofing is able to reflect sunlight from the roof, whereas EPDM roofing retains it. This means that EPDM roofs are better at warming buildings than keeping them cool. This is due to the fact the EPDM roofing comes in a black material and TPO is typically a white material.


Because of the way that TPO roofing is installed, it is going to need more maintenance in order to ensure that the seams don’t come up. However, it is important to note that EPDM roofs, while they don’t need a lot of maintenance, must still have proper maintenance in order to keep it in good condition.


When it comes to which single ply roof will last the longest, that also goes to EPDM roofing. EPDM roofs have been around since the 1960’s so they have had time to perfect the material, whereas TPO is still a new type of single ply roof. How long does EPDM last? EPDM roofs will last anywhere between 20 to 25 years and a TPO roof will last 15 to 20 years.

Is EPDM Rubber Waterproof?

A Picture of Three Large Rolls of Black Roofing Material

EPDM Roofing is Waterproof and Has Other Great Qualities.

One of the great things about EPDM rubber roofing is that it is waterproof. This means that if your roof suffers from poor drainage, it can really benefit from having EPDM installed. Because of its material, many people want to know what is EPDM rubber used for? In addition to being a very durable and long-lasting roofing material, it is also used for HVAC and automotive purposes. This is actually beneficial because if other industries are using this type of material, then it must be a great material for a commercial roof. Because saving money on heating and cooling bills is very important, one of the best colors for a roof material is white; does EPDM roofing come in white? While it can come in white, it is more commonly a black, rubber material. Although EPDM material is black, it is still an energy efficient roofing system.

If your roof is needing frequent leak repair, it might be time to consider a new roofing system. If you think EPDM roofing would work for your Pittsburgh, PA roof, call Jantzi's Roof Restorations at 724-734-3056!