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Commercial | Residential | Industrial Roofing 

Running a company in Pittsburgh can be challenging, especially when dealing with roofing issues. Let us assist you by professionally installing your roof on your  residential, industrial or commercial building - give us a call today for help.

Roofing in Pittsburgh, PA

Hunting for a top-notch roofing service for your residential, commercial, and industrial buildings in Pittsburgh. Jantzi's Roof Restorations provides the repair, installation, maintenance, and replacement services and leads the way in roofing services. Well-versed in best techniques of providing efficient and affordable roofing services while strictly adhering to local municipality standards and Government policies. With a team of qualified and certified roofers in Pittsburgh, we ensure transparency at all levels and deliver the results that suit your expectations.


What Jantzi's will do for you:

Provide all the information to help you make a decision.

Set a step-by-step written proposal for you.

Use fairly priced durable material for long-lasting results.

Deliver high-quality service and focus on even the smallest of details.

Provide prompt, efficient, and conscientious service

Our skilled commercial roofers provide you with emergency roof repairs to your commercial property.

Get Your Free Roof Estimate Today!

James B.

Why Choose


Anthony was prompt and reasonable. They did a great job, kept busy and stayed on schedule. I enjoyed working with him and his employees. It looks great. 
                    ~ James Bolon



Wayne P.

Why Choose


A business is only as good as it’s people. Anthony is communicative, easy to work with and consistent in his pursuit of excellence. A pleasure to do business with!
                   ~ Wayne Peight
"We specialize in waterproofing low sloped and flat roofs!"

        Areas of Expertise:


Commercial Roof installation

Make sure to hire a qualified, experienced, and certified team to install roofing for your commercial buildings. Don't hesitate to hire a Jantzi roof installation team for a shoot.

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Commercial roof consultant

You can go for our highly-trained experts to provide you with optimized roofing consultancy. Our team through follow-up measures helps you get a durable and proper functioning roofing system.



Commercial Roof   Repair

Has the roofing of your commercial buildings been damaged? Our experienced team provides you with a budget-friendly option to repair your commercial roof system.


Commercial roof replacement

This might be the last thing you would like to go for because it seems like a hassle. Our skilled roofing team manages all the commercial roof replacement tasks to make it the least stressful for you.


Commercial metal roofing

Want to go for some long-lasting solutions for your commercial roofing that needs serious maintenance? You might like to go for an effective metal roofing option. 


Industrial roofing

You can never rely on residential roofers to install commercial roofing for you. This task needs a highly-skilled, certified, dedicated team that understands and keeps an eye on even minute details to ensure durability and quality.

25 year non-prorated warranty on select roofing products! Call To Find Out!
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