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The different elements of a Roof

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Have you ever wondered what the elements of a roof are? If you want your roof repaired or are simply curious, we are happy to help you.

First of all, before starting to define the different elements of a roof, it is necessary to know that the structure depends on the type of roof. Obviously, a flat roof will have a vastly different structure than a pitched roof. Nevertheless, despite their differences, certain elements of the frame are the basis of any good roof.

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Find out now all there is to know about the elements of a roof depending on the type of roof.

Traditional frame structure

Certain elements of a roof are found in both types of roof.

During the construction of any roof, there is the creation of the load-bearing structure. This structure is designed to support the roof in addition to providing roof coverage.

Whether you have a flat roof or a sloped roof, this frame is essential to support the roof.

The elements of a flat roof

The flat roof is a popular choice with commercial, industrial and manufacturing owners. The reason? There are several of them.

Flat roofs have many advantages, such as a wide choice of high quality coatings and simple maintenance. But how is a flat roof structured?

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Load-bearing structure also called bridging. This rigid structure is the element to which the components of the roof system are attached. It is usually covered with a layer of asphalt felt to protect it from flames.

Next comes insulation. The insulation is installed under the covering of the roof.

Depending on the type of coating chosen, an under layer membrane is attached to the deck. The membrane is glued or mechanically fixed. A finishing membrane is then welded to it.

A ventilation and drainage system is also necessary to ensure the durability of the roof. We are talking here about devices allowing air circulation in the attic and a gutter system to redirect rainwater.

Parapets and flashings;

These elements are essential to the creation of a reliable roof.

The structure of a pitched roof

As a general rule, the frame, also called decking, is made up of large pieces of wood assembled together. Then, wooden slats and rafters are added to the purlins.

The purlins are pieces of wood that are supported on the classic structure of the roof. This classic structure is composed of:

  • Crossbowmen, which are the elements supporting the purlins;

  • A tie-beam (horizontal base of the classic structure);

  • A punch (main vertical part of the classic structure);

  • Besides the support structure, here are the other elements that make up a pitched roof:

  • Fascia (roof edge);

  • Attic (attic);

  • Speed ​​bump, installed around the chimney to promote the flow of rainwater;

  • The valley;

  • The gable;

  • The eaves membrane;

  • The base layer membrane;

  • Drip edge;

  • Roof vents;

  • A deflector;

  • The flashings;

  • Shingles;

As you can see, there are a large number of elements that make up the structure of a pitched roof. This is why it is essential to carry out annual inspections to ensure that each of these elements is still functional.

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